Get health care from your couch

When you or a family member isn’t feeling well, the last thing you want to do is travel to a doctor’s office or urgent care center. And, when your symptoms strike at night or over the weekend, it’s even harder to find the care you need. Fortunately, your Novant Health medical plan offers the convenience of 24/7 virtual health care through TytoHome. Learn more

Get Rewarded for Well-Being Activities!

Novant Health offers a range of resources to support your well-being and earn incentives for participating! Access the well-being portal and participate in activities to support your well-being journey. You can participate in group and personal well-being challenges, track activities, and certain team members can earn incentives.

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Beware companies selling credit “repair” services

Anyone whose credit score has been marred by late payments or financial stumbles can understand the allure of a quick fix that scrubs tarnished credit. But you should beware of certain credit “repair” services. (By Ann Carrns, The New York Times)

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